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Frank Silva was born and raised on a dairy farm. At the age of 24 his father sold the family dairy. That’s when he decided to start his own all-natural beef business. Frank had mixed breed cattle until 1991 when he

Frank Silva, Owner of All Natural Homestead Beef

Frank Silva, Owner of All Natural Homestead Beef

bought his first purebred Highland cows. Within two years he sold the mix breed cows, and focused only on raising Scottish Highland cattle.

Today he has a 70 acre ranch just south of LaSalle with a thriving herd of over 300 head of Scottish Highland cattle. They pasture up and down the Front Range eating all types of natural grasses, and he takes them into the mountains when the conditions are right for grazing.  Frank competes because he enjoys it, but his breeding program has a purpose beyond winning trophies. “I put those genetics back into my own stock. That’s how we stay on top. I want my breeding females to last a long time. I’m very picky. Typically an old cow is 10 or 12, and a third of my herd is over 15,” he shared.

This commitment to the breed and pride in product is reflected in every phase of Silva’s business. From selection to processing, quality is paramount. His processing is done at Steving Meat, a local family owned USDA certified processing plant in Kersey, Colorado. They only process one animal at a time and everything is hand cut. It is a Temple Grandin (low stress) designed facility which is key in the post mortem stage of processing allowing the tenderness and quality to come through.

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It seems like every time we turn around, there’s more information about additives and hormones and genetic engineering in our food. What a relief to find a food source that is natural and that I can feel confident feeding my family!
Sarah in Westminster

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