Denver 2017-2018 Delivery Information

Hello meat lovers of Denver…

This is All Natural Homestead Beef! You are getting this email because you expressed interest in, and we’re getting back to you about starting beef deliveries in Denver.
We will be in Denver every third Saturday of the month.
Our pickup for September will be this upcoming Saturday the 16th, from 4-4:30 PM.
You will find us near the Cabela’s parking lot.
Cabela’s address is:
The white truck will be located on the West side of Lincoln St. just before Cabela’s roundabout.
Call Frank directly if you have any questions at all.
On our website you can make your order for individual cuts, package deals and then there is the best deal of all… you can get 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef all individually vacuumed packed and labeled. An easy way to get this deal is to buy together with other family members, neighbors or co-workers…. everyone wins!
The prices of bulk beef and pork are as fallows…
1/4       $9.00/lb.    Aprox. 100lbs.
1/2       $8.50/lb.    Aprox. 200lbs.
Whole  $8.00/lb.    Aprox. 400lbs
1/2        $6.50/lb.    Aprox  100lbs.
Whole   $6.00/lb.    Aprox.  200lbs.
Roaster $5.00/lb.    Aprox. 60-100lbs
You can specify what you want us to deliver for you from our website at
If you have any questions at all, feel free to call Frank directly at 303-818-6564
We appreciate you and your support,
Frank Silva

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