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Natural Homestead Beef offers grass-fed, traditionally-finished beef.







We know our animals and exactly what they eat and family ranching is the only way we can guarantee an all-natural product that has been raised in a humane and low-stress environment. Join us in our passion to raise good quality beef from our family to yours! All Natural Highland Beef is truly a family business - from Frank's family that helps run the ranch to the family around your dinner table.

Ultimate Family Deals

Gather your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, for QUARTER, HALF OR WHOLE PRICES.  Everyone wins!

All cuts are vacuum packed and labeled.

Beef (approximated weights)
1/4 | $9.00/lb | 100 lbs
1/2 | $8.50/lb | 200 lbs
Whole | $8.00/lb | 400 lbs
Pork (approximated weights)
Roaster | $5.00/lb | 60-100lbs
1/2 (side) | $ 6.50/lb | 100lbs
Whole | $6.00/lb | 200lbs