Meet Frank Silva

Frank Silva was born into a multi-generational dairy family. At the age of 24, his father sold the family dairy. Frank decided to continue working with cattle and go in the direction of the Beef Industry, so he started with a few mixed breed cattle until 1991. It was then he decided to research what breed and practices would provide the highest quality beef. Thinking Buffalo and other popular commercial breeds would be the route, his research proved otherwise when he found an immense amount of quality the purebred Scottish Highland provided, including:

  • Ease from their docile mannerisms
  • Longevity traits
  • Higher nutrient content
  • More flavor
  • More tenderness

He then began thinking of economic impacts and how a local approach not only benefits the wellbeing of the cattle but also the environment, all while assisting in building community.

With more clarity on this quality business model, Frank was ready to take the next step. Within two years he sold the mixed breed of cows, and focused only on raising purebred Scottish Highland cattle.

Pasture and Feed

Frank and his family have a farm in La Salle, Colorado with a thriving herd of Scottish Highland cattle. They pasture on multiple farms locally and up and down the Rocky Mountains when the conditions are right for grazing for all types of fresh natural grasses.

Frank does not feed his cattle corn or soy and gets local non-GMO alfalfa from his neighbor. He also provides his cattle with a free choice mixture of unprocessed sea salt and volcanic ash containing a full array of minerals and trace minerals. This natural supplement not only assists in the health and wellbeing of the animals, it also provides these nutrients to be bio-available for us as the consumers to thrive. This technique is unique and helpful as it amps up the quality immensely. 

There are two types of feed options to choose from:

  • Traditional (the most popular finish) which includes grass, hay, alfalfa and brewers grain which provides more marbling and a consistent flavor and texture year round.
  • 100% Grass Fed and Finished 

Note: both options are the same price. 

Our cattle always have clean, fresh water to ensure the animals are strong, healthy and happy.


Frank's processing is done at Stevings Meats, a local family owned USDA certified processing plant in Kersey, Colorado that is a “Temple Grandin” (low stress) designed facility which is the most humane route of transition for the animal and key in the post mortem stage of processing allowing the tenderness and quality to come through. Stevings Meats only processes one animal at a time and dry ages Frank's meat for 21 days.

Award-Winning Herd

Frank and his family also enjoy competing yearly at the Denver National Western Stock Show which is the largest Highland Cattle show in the world. It is a reunion of other Highland breeders from all around the US. Here Frank and his family scope out the strongest genetics to purchase and enhance their herd. Frank's breeding program has a purpose beyond winning trophies.

“I put those genetics back into my own stock. That’s how we stay on top. I want my breeding females to last a long time. I’m very picky. Typically an old cow of mine is 10 or 12 years of age, yet a third of my herd is over 15,” he shared.

This commitment to the breed and pride in product is reflected in every phase of Silva’s business. From selection to processing, quality is paramount.