Our Beef

A Healthier Choice of Beef

Unlike other breeds, Premium Scottish Highland Cattle are slow maturing making the meat very tender, flavorful, and succulent. Premium Scottish Highland Cattle are proven to be:

  • 23% more tender than commercial beef
  • 7% higher in protein
  • 17% higher in iron and other nutrients
  • 4% less fat and cholesterol

Frank's Unique Practices for Quality

  • Not fed any corn or soy
  • Not administered or have any drugs or chemicals in their environment
  • Fed non-GMO alfalfa from Frank's neighbor
  • Cattle also get a free-choice mixture of unprocessed sea salt and volcanic ash. This provides a full array of minerals and trace minerals making these nutrients bio-available for the end product
  • Cattle always have clean, fresh water to ensure the animals are strong, happy and thriving
  • Two feed options to choose from with both options being the same price:
    • Traditional (the most popular finish) comprised of grass, hay, alfalfa and brewers grain which provides more marbling and a consistent flavor and texture year round
    • 100% Grass Fed and Finished