Best quality, great price!

Proven to be more nutritious, tender and flavorful than commercial beef.


Our processor has a new owner and is under a remodel, so we currently are NOT processing at this time. Please continue to support us by placing an order and selecting payment option: "Cash or Check". Due to limited product, we will have a new total upon pick up and will only charge you with what you recieved.

Thank you for your support and patients during this time!


- LONGMONT (11-11:15am) FOR MAY 2022: In Murdoch's Parking lot  2255 Main St, in front of Noodles Company.

- BOULDER  (12-12:15 ) Peoples Production's 1737 15th St #200, Boulder, CO 80302 Just one block East of farmers market and just south of Shell Gas Station

- LOUISVILLE  (1 -1:30pm) Moxie Bread Co. 641 Main Street We are parked in a white box truck along Pine St. on the North side of Moxie.

- LA SALLE (By Appointment Only) Frank will call to arrange a date and time. 18494 County Road 39, La Salle CO.