Our Supporters

YOU are special. Without your support, we could not bring this community the highest quality meats. We share the value of quality food for our longevity and the welfare of animals and our planet. We appreciate YOU!

At Trinity Farms, Frank's son and family are determined and dedicated to continuing the fine lines of breeding and maintaining the excellent hereditary qualities of the Scottish Highland Cattle. Frank's grandson Easton raises Heritage chickens for the eggs we sell on our website.

Cure Farm has sold our meat for many years at their local farm stand in Boulder, Colorado.

Ollin Farms is a local farm in Longmont that grows delicious vegetables and provides our beef to their customers as well as other local products.

  Blue Ribbon Farm

A favorite local bio-dynamic farm that sells at farmers markets, provides CSA shares, and a farm stand near Hygiene, Colorado. Currently they advertise for us on their website.

63rd Street Farm has gotten cattle stock from Frank to raise and sell Heritage beef to their CSA shareholders.

Colorado owned and operated ranch specializing in breeding, raising, and selling Scottish Highland Beef.